Hello, my name is Jonas. I’m a copywriter at Pingdom, the designer of Sailors & Mermaids, and a typographer in the making. I live and work in Västerås just an hour from Stockholm, Sweden.

Jonas Strandell

About Me

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, because my ‘job’, such as it is, simply entails doing what I love. I call myself a designer as it’s a nice umbrella term for the work that I do. I’m a one-time Urban Dictionary contributor and I swear like a trucker turned sailor on Twitter. I’m a music enthusiast, a certified anglophile, I support a crap football team in England, that has insisted on breaking my heart since 1979. I am an avid scooter fan, and the 1967 Lambretta Vespa in particular.

Don’t ask me to increase the size of your logo. It’s not an extension of your penis.

Background in games

Like many kids of my generation, my first computer was a Commodore 64. Fascinated by the possibilities what you can do with it I taught myself some assembler programming, but most of all I wanted to do graphics and games. Creating games involves so many aspects of creativity. You have to tell a compelling story, teach the player the mechanics of the game, and make it look good as well as sound good. Looking back on the two games me and my friend made still fills me with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

My 8-bit c64 game “Prophecy 2”

The limitations of creating graphics and games using the Commodore 64’s 16 available colours was of course a challenge. But there’s a valuable lesson in doing creative work within given restraints. It makes you step up your creativity. The documentary Indie Game (trailer on YouTube) is a very accurate description of the anxiety surrounding game creation.

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