Take my money, Vimeo – please

The irony is not lost on me that the film about Aaron Swartz The Internet’s Own Boy isn’t available to buy or download from my region. By my region I’m pretty sure they mean the whole of Europe. I am just trying to give you my money, Vimeo. Please.

Fortunately, if you have at least half a brain there are ways to get around that, but still the irony was not lost on me. Not for this film.

Oh, don’t worry Vimeo, you still got your $19.

What I learned today

Apparently you can search within Google Drive documents. This is probably common knowledge for everyone but me. But if you like me have been living under a rock this is how you do it:

Type the word or phrase you’re looking for, like above “Skype:” and hello, there are the documents where that word appear.