Share Facebook Updates with Lists

Like most people I have friends on Facebook that aren’t Swedish. And from time to time I publish Facebook updates in Swedish for whatever reason. I always feel a wee bit guilty when I do, because even with the translate option, I feel that I am excluding some friends from the conversation. There are ways around this of course.

The solution

After poking around in all the settings available, I found the following in the left navigation list:

Facebook Updates Friends More

This is where you can create your own custom lists, something that is very handy.

Facebook Updates Create List

I created a list of all my non-Swedish speaking friends. So from now on, if I’m making a particular announcement in Swedish or just for Swedish friends I simply open the menu:

Facebook Updates Friends Menu

Then choose the exception list manually like this:

Facebook Updates Exception List

And that’s it really, it is that simple to make Facebook updates to certain friends. And equally easy to post only to your friends in said list, should you prefer that.

Please note that when this blog post is published, the Facebook mobile app does not support exceptions with lists.